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Date posted: Monday, 20th February 2017

Mixed up weather!


Rachel & Iona enjoying the snow.   Snowdrops in the gardenNewly 're-structured' part of the garden



Hello to all my friends and followers, hope all is well with life in your world at the moment.

Since my last blog 2 weeks ago, we have had the full cast on the weather front - snow, wind rain, but we are now back to very unseasonably warm weather - supposedly warmer than the Med!!

The snow didn't last long at our level, but the skiers did get a few good days up at GlenShee.

On the farm the calving is progressing well, with tagging and de-horning top jobs alongside feeding and bedding twice daily to keep them all comfy.

Ploughing is well up to date and winter crops looking very good as they have not had much frost to set them back. The first load of granular fertiliser has arrived, so that is usually a sign that spring cultivation work is not too far away.

With the milder weather I have been clearing last year's growth from the garden so that the new shoots can come through. Lots of snowdrops out now and the daffodills are just peeping out.

I had a bit of help 're-structuring' part of the garden which had become overgrown. Willie and the JCB forklift made it look very easy indeed - would have taken me days, if not weeks, with my spade and barrow!!