This Farming Life!

Date posted: Tuesday, 7th March 2017

Spring is just round the corner - hopefully!

The daylight hours are certainly longer and with that comes a bustle of activity on the farm and in the countryside.

Some of the granular fertiliser that was delivered recently has now been spread on the winter crops of wheat, winter barley and oilseed rape, giving them an energy boost ready to start growing as the days get longer and the sun is stronger. It is always amazing to watch a crop of oilseed rape going from a couple of centimetres in height in early March to 1.5m. in early May with the glorious yellow painting the landscape in spring.

Willie and Peter have also been doing a bit of 'muir burn' this last week. This is burning off old vegetation, gorse and broom so that new growth of natural grasses can begin. All burning must be completed before ground nesting birds begin their breeding cycle.

The bird boxes around the farm and in the garden have all had their spring clean and are ready to welcome their new tenants for the season. We have also been lucky to get a swift box, it actually has 3 nest boxes within one unit, so it will be interesting to see if they like thier new homes when they arrive in May. These were supplied by Tayside Biodiversity Partnership

Preparation for the summer show season has got underway last week while Lesley was on holiday and had time to begin training 2 heifers to walk on halters - it takes time and patience, some more than others - good job the first show is not until June!!Cleaning old nests out of nest boxesOne of the Barn Owl boxes in the garden