This Farming Life!

Date posted: Tuesday, 4th April 2017

Longer days, lots more accomplished!

PeriwinkleMiniature irisscilla

The lengthening days are such a bonus when the weather is kind, extra time to be spent at outdoor pursuits that we enjoy.

The garden, of course, takes priority for me at this time of year, with the appearance of many 'old friends', in plant form, that we haven't seen for a year. The miniature iris is one of these gems, as are the  little delicate scilla and beautiful violet coloured periwinkle, such glorious colour in tiny form.

The garden birds have been eagerly 'harvesting' the cattle hair for their nest building, left behind when the yearlings were clipped and trimmed in preparation for sale last week. I have gathered up more hair, bovine and canine, and filled a terracotta hanger - bird friendly DIY store!

The young cattle were sold through Forfar Market on Saturday, and are now settling in to their new homes, most going out to grass for the summer. Our best heifer was female champion and reserve champion of the pre-sale show, well worth all the hard work of nurturing them through the first year of their lives.

Ground work has begun with the first field of barley now sown and preparation for the next one underway. The oilseed rape crop is now almost 30cm high with flower heads starting to appear.

Fencing and gates will be checked soon, as will water troughs, in readiness for the cattle going out to grass for the summer. They are already restless and know the time is near for them to be out, a bit like us humans!

Bird DIY store.