This Farming Life!

Date posted: Tuesday, 18th April 2017

New Season, New Growth.


The weather has turned much colder over the last two weeks, with a flurry of snow on the back hills, but still no rain to speak of – almost unheard of to go so long without a wet spell interrupting spring work.

Spring barley is through the ground now and looking well. Grass has been rolled and looking beautiful like a striped lawn! Potato planting is underway and so much less complicated when the ground is dry. The stone separator has a relatively simple job removing stones to the side, but if the weather has been wet chunks of solid earth can clog up the works.

There was definite frost this morning as the lovely red rhododendron in the photograph is now brown! – a warning to all, especially fruit trees in full flower just now.

The last of my Easter week-end guests left this morning, so glad of the dry days for laundry.

I am in the process of doing some ‘shabby chic’ in the self-catering cottage, will post some pictures when it is complete. I was shown how easy it is to do, the less meticulous you are, the more ‘shabby it is!!

The countryside is so beautiful at this time of year with the trees just bursting, gorse a strong yellow and all the crops varying shades of green. The oilseed rape crop is now perfect cover for the deer, as it is branching out as well  as growing tall and getting  yellowier by the day!

My evening walks with Annie (border terrier) have been all the more enjoyable with the rich ‘coconut’ perfume of the gorse. It is very pungent, more so if the sun has been on it all day.

The garden is looking tidier now with edges trimmed and spring flowers a plenty,  and the promise of summer flowers to follow.