This Farming Life!

Date posted: Tuesday, 22nd August 2017

Not good harvest weather!

Since I wrote the last blog, the oilseed rape crop for 2018 has been sown and will, very shortly with this damp weather, be through the ground and setting down a good root system. OSR crop 2017 has been harvested in anything but perfect conditions, but at least it is now 'all safely gathered in'.  It has all been run through the drier, more to clean up the sample than anything else, and is ready to be uplifted when 'the price is right'!! Storage space will become difficult if the OSR can't be moved before the barley  or wheat is harvested.

Wheat and spring barley harvest here at Muirhouses will be another week or so, depending on the weather more than anything. It was all sprayed earlier to ensure even ripening.

Peter has been baling  2nd cut silage for regular clients and is now in demand for baling barley straw in the earlier areas.

 The forward bullocks at grass have been brought into sheds, as with the changeable weather over the last week they can lose condition easily. 

The evening air last night had a distinct harvest smell with the pea viners harvesting nearby and the strange smell when potatoes are dessicated. There is a huge amount of fungi this year - maybe I am just noticing it more - photo below is one of the best in the garden. Steading Cottage garden is full of colour, and of visitors to admire it! The Crocosmia Lucifer is the star turn just now in the farmhouse garden with Clematis Tangutica a close second with it's yellow dangling flowers followed by the fluffy seed heads. The white heather is fresh too, but nothing on the beautiful heather on the hills of Clova and Prosen just now, spectacular!   Some of the trees are beginning to take on their autumnal colours, but more of that in the coming weeks.