This Farming Life!

Date posted: Tuesday, 5th September 2017

Frustrating harvest weather!

The harvest has been very stop/start due to the fickleness of the weather. There have been showers, or much worse, most days, seemingly to come from nowhere, but enough to put the combine home.

The oilseed rape has been sold and uplifted making room for the spring barley in the store. With the barley coming in at less than perfect moisture, it all gets a run through the grain drier, making sure it stores well.

Sun and wind together are the perfect combination for both the combine harvester and the baler, as straw must be really dry to be of use in the winter. Willie made the most of the good weather on Saturday to finish the wheat, with only some later sown barley which will not be ready for  week or so. Peter too, made the most of Saturday, baling up to date at home before baling some neighbours straw too.

The newly sown oilseed rape is through the ground and looking well - a long time until it is cut. Most of the potatoes have been sprayed to kill off the shaws, letting the potatoes mature and set skins before thay are lifted next month.

This time of year is when the hedges get trimmed, so much growth in the year. They are left until now so that nesting birds are not disturbed.   Annie, our border terrier, has also had a trim this week, looking very smart my lady!

No guests in the cottage for a week or 2 as we are having some updates done - more to come on that next time..