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Date posted: Tuesday, 19th September 2017

Cereal Harvest Complete!

After a seemingly prolonged harvest , the grain and straw are now all gathered in, with most of the barley away for malting and wheat waiting to be traded. One of the most frustrating things has been waiting for the straw to be dry enough to bale. If the straw is baled damp it will be difficult to handle for bedding as it rolls out like cardboard carpet! The straw bedder machine makes a good job of damp bales and saves the hard work of pushing heavy bales. As much of the straw bales as possible are stored indoors, but the last field or two are stacked outside with a plastic cover on top to keep as much rain off as possible.

Wheels have never stopped turning, as the plough and seed drill could work when it was too damp to harvest. The ground vacated by the oilseed rape has been ploughed and sown with winter wheat and has been rolled before the rain came again. The winter barley that was sown 10 days ago is through the ground and looking well.  Some areas have had much worse harvest weather than here, both the north and the borders areas have still crops standing  because of wet weather.

Potato harvest is planned to begin next week, so hope for dry settled weather to keep the wheels turning and the men in good humour!

Colours in the garden are mellowing but the grass has been difficult to keep cut as it won't dry in the shortening days. Fallen apples attract the wasps and the Sedum, 'Autumn Joy' is a magnet for bees and butterfly just now. Elderberries and brambles are plentiful and both dessert and cooking apples abound.

I took a short break from the farm & B&B to join in the Borders Walking Festival last week. The weather was wet for 4 of the 5 days, but didn't really spoil the walks I was on, The John Buchan Way, from Peebles to Broughton, a section of the Southern Upland Way and the Cross Borders Drove roads. Great routes with lots of history attached.

While Steading Cottage was vacant last week, we  had a new shower room fitted, a wee glimpse of it is below, with other photos on the web page Steading Cottage, hope you like it.