This Farming Life!

Date posted: Tuesday, 3rd October 2017

Autumn days

Two weeks ago I predicted the imminent start of the tattie harvest - how wrong could I have been!  The ground conditions grew steadily worse and made lifting impossible. Willie and Peter have made a tentative foray into a section  this afternoon, and it looks like tattie harvest could begin in ernest tomorrow! These days farmers have a resposibilty to make sure the roads are not covered in mud, so in a perfect world only the dry(ish) fields would be lifted first.

Both the winter barley and wheat sown recently are both through the ground and looking well, at least they like the rain! The earlier sown oilseed rape is well established but is a magnet for the roe deer. Hopefully they will be kept under control during the winter.

The cows and calves are in preparation for weaning later this month. The calves are now getting a creep feed which gets them ready for cerea/ silage based diet after they come off their mothers.

The calves will be housed,for the winter, very noisily for a few days, and the cows will return to grazing until ground conditions make it necessary for them to come inside.

The garden is a glorious array of purple (michaelmas daisy), pink sedum and orange and red leaves of azaleas, very pretty. The virginia creeper was spectacular for a very short time, then the wind came and ripped the leaves off! The wind has also been bringing down so many apples - too many for my own use, so please let me know if you would like some!

My guests this week, both B&B and Steading Cottage, are fishing on the South Esk at Inshewan. They have had too much water and too little fish, but lots of fun I think.

With the wet and the colder nights, the biomass boiler has to be stoked - filled with a bale of straw - twice a day to keep everyone warm and supplied with lots of hot water. Always lovely and warm indoors here at Muirhouses!