This Farming Life!

Date posted: Tuesday, 17th October 2017

Potato Harvest complete!

It has been a bit of a roller-coaster since I wrote the last blog. Potato lifting was to begin the next day but the weather didn't settle down and fields were a bit on the wet side. Eventually there were a few dry days in a row, which helped ground conditions improve, and the harvest went on. The final boxes were in store a few days ago, a relief to be finished. The downside is that crops are above average tonnage, which means the market will be awash with them and prices will not be good. Some of the potato land has been ploughed and sown with winter wheat. earlier sown crops have established well and looking really good. We may be troubled with geese over the winter as there are thousands pass overhead every night just now looking for feeding grounds.

It has been a stormy day or two but we have no damage to buildings or trees. The west coast took the brunt of it, very wet. We have been fortunate to have sun and wind to 'help' me with the laundry, great washing day, makes ironing much easier when dried in the wind.

Calves are ready to be weaned now, one batch already settled in to their winter quarters (see photo below). If the weather stays open the cows may go back out to grass for a while, but if there is much more wet weather the cows are just as well inside on straw. Willie and Peter were pregnancy testing (PD'ing in animal talk) a batch of heifers today - all in calf and due early new year. They will be outside for another month or two before they are housed for calving.

Sunday was our Harvest Thanksgiving at Cortachy Church. The church was beautifully decorated with donated vegetables, flowers and apples,as well as home baking and preserves. The local baker made a  dough wheatsheaf, complete with mice! The service was taken by members of the congregation and money raised from the 'sale' of the donated items was given to Kirriemuir Day Care. The congregation then enjoyed a soup and pudding lunch in the hall, a lovely morning.

The grass in the garden had a good cut on Sunday afternoon, possibly the last one of the season, depends on how mild the weather is of course. The lovely yellow Hypericum  is showing itself well just now and the seed pods of the tree peony are stunning as they turn from yellow to cerise, bursting open to reveal the black grape-like seeds within. Last night's wind has blown the last of the colour from the trees and covered my newly cut grass!