This Farming Life!

Date posted: Tuesday, 28th November 2017

Winter days.

We are enjoying 'proper' winter weather this week, crisp frosty days with clear blue skies. This comes after the snow and rain of last week, with the hills still very white adding to the dramatic winter views from here at Muirhouses.

While the ground has been hard with frost, Willie has taken the chance to erect geese deterent fertiliser bags in the winter crops. They (hopefully) flap in the wind frightening the geese enough to stop them from landing. Once the geese have established favourite feeding grounds it is quite hard to get them to move on, so prevention is the best course of action.

The last of the colour on the trees and in the garden has now almost come to an end. The colours have lasted well, but the recent frosts have loosened their grip and down they have come. The lovely red branches of the dogwood will give a glow through out the winter before being cut back in the spring. I usually dig in the cut dogwood to create new bushes, it is easily rooted.

Kirriemuir was a hive of activity this week-end beginning with the Community Christmas craft fair, coffee mornings and ending on Saturday evening with the Christmas Lights switch on. The lights are funded by local groups and this year they are outstanding. On the Peter Pan theme,perfect for Kirriemuir, pictures were beamed onto the buildings in the square - see the photograph below, spectacular. Santa was there and hot chocolate to warm everyone up on a cold evening. Kirriemuir will again host their late night shopping event this coming Wednesday, 29th November until 9pm. Special offers abound as well as seasonal refreshments, a great night - Kirrie has so any independant shops.

The coming few weeks will be full of school concerts, brownie fairs, pantomime, Christmas parties and the like - busy time for granny!


Thanks to Craig Cantwell for his superb photography of the Christmas lights switch on.