This Farming Life!

Date posted: Tuesday, 9th January 2018

Happy New Year!

I hope you have all had an enjoyable festive season and are looking forward to the unknown contents of 2018!  Most of what will happen in the coming year is out of our control, but at this 'post New Year' date we are all full of good ideas and plans - we just need to make sure they happen!

So far the weather has been a mixture of cold snaps with icy conditions, then back to wet mucky yards- much better the hard cold sunny days - at least the feet are clean.

The main workload just now is, of course, the cattle - keeping the cows well bedded in readiness for calving, which should have got going by now, so any day now there will be a few.One of the photos below is of the feed mixing shed, showing the bruised grain that has come through the mill ready to be mixed with minerals, potatoes and silage and fed to the cattle through the feed mix wagon. All home grown except the minerals. The young growing cattle get a different mix from the cows to keep them growing. Once the cows calve they get a stronger mix to keep the milk flowing for the calf.

 Potato grading is another time consuming part of winter life here at the moment. Some years the potatoes leave the farm 'as dug' with no grading required, but this year, due to supply being plentiful, buyers want them graded to a high spec.

Bull sale time is coming round again - first week in February, so time has to be spent each day training the bulls to walk on halter and stand when you want them to, some take a bit more training than others!

Bird life abounds in the garden and round the farm in the winter, with the small birds liking the fat balls I put out for them. The pheasants tend to lie low and keep out of the way of the shooters till the end of the month. There is also a covey of partridge taking cover under the hedge and seeking out any stray grain by the bull pens.

Steading Cottage 's Christmas and New Year guests have now departed, giving me to time to give it a 'spring clean' before new guests arrive next month.

Clearing my desk and bringing the accounts up to date were my two resolutions which I feel quite satisfied in having done this week!