This Farming Life!

Date posted: Tuesday, 23rd January 2018

New life, new start.

Since I wrote two weeks ago, calving has started, and so far, so good.  Healthy, vigourous calves keen to get up on their wee feet and suckle, the best sight in the world. It is mainly heifers, (first time mums), that have calved so far, with no bother and plenty of milk for the calves to grow on. In a week or two the first born calves will be running round the sheds having great fun.

Willie and Peter took advantage of the hard ground conditions at the end of last week to muck out all the cow sheds and get them down on the hard, cool, dry bed.

Preparation for the bull sales in less than two weeks is more or less complete - too late now to teach them new tricks! Hopefully there will be buyers for most of the bulls forward for the sale, but there is no way of knowing that, or the price you may or may not get for them. Farming is the only business that you can't predict what your income will be until your produce has left the farm.

Last autumn a very old shed was demolished to make way for the new. It is to be  a lot bigger than what was taken down, with straw storage and cattle pens. The foundations have been ready for a while, and now the steel frame has arrived ready for building.  The snow has vanished overnight, not that we had very much anyway, so we expect Gordon and his men to arrive anyday to begin construction. More of this next time!

We have been lucky, in this corner of the country, to have missed the worst of the snow that seemed to hit the west more than the east. It makes a pleasant change, but I'm sure we will get our share yet!

The bulbs in the garden are well above ground and the snowdrops are showing white now, so the wood will be a carpet of them in a week or two.

Daylight  is certainly lengthening, it makes such a difference when outside chores don't have to be done by 3pm!